The 2017 Workshop on Non-Player Characters and Social Believability

This year's workshop is co-located with the 2017 Foundations of Digital Games conference. It will take place on August 14 2017.


Start End Title Content/Speaker
09:00 09:15 Welcome & introduction Henrik Warpefelt (Organizing committee) (slides)
09:15 09:45 Keynote Mike Treanor. Creating Meaningful NPCs
09:45 11:30 Paper presentations

Hannah Morrisson, Chris Martens. A Generative Model of Group Conversation (slides)

Jonathan Lessard, Etienne Brunelle-Leclerc, Timothy Gottschalk, Marc-Antoine Jetté-Léger, Odile Prouveur, Christopher Tan. Striving for Author-Friendly Procedural Dialogue Generation

Short break 10:30-10:45

11:30 11:50 Demo

Christoph Salge, Christian Guckelsberger. A Prototype for Generating Generic Companion Behaviour with Coupled Empowerment Maximisation.

11:50 12:00 Closing remarks Josh McCoy (Organizing committee) (slides)


The proceedings of the workshop are included in the proceedings of the conference, and should be available via the ACM Digital Library shortly.